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Furnace Maintenance

With a little seasonal care, your heater will keep you cozy!

Furnace Maintenance For Chicago Homeowners

Protect Your System With A Professional Heater Tune-Up

Take matters of comfort into your own hands and gain control of your heater’s health! When your furnace system is left to its own devices, time and use will wear down your unit, creating damage and inefficiencies over time.

By scheduling professional, proactive maintenance for your system, you can stop the damage in its tracks. This will contribute to longer furnace lifespans and high-quality heating. Learn how our team at G & R Heating and Air can provide the services your system needs to stay successful.

The Importance Of Regular Heater Maintenance

When Chicagoland homeowners schedule professional heater maintenance, they’re taking steps to solve minor issues and identify larger furnace concerns that require further attention.

This will help your system operate with efficiency, ensuring access to a cozy indoor environment. Here are some of the additional benefits of scheduling professional maintenance:

  • Improved efficiency lowers energy bills.
  • Annual maintenance increases a furnace’s lifespan.
  • Professional inspections lower the risk of system failure during the winter.

Maintenance — also known as tune-ups — can provide peace of mind over the state of your system! When you’re ready to schedule your service, turn to the team at G & R Heating and Air for thorough inspections and friendly service!

Schedule Your Local Furnace Maintenance Annually

Furnace maintenance isn’t a one-and-done sort of deal. If you expect your heater to supply annual comfort, it will need annual maintenance. The best time to schedule this service is during the fall — right as the weather starts to get cooler. This will ensure your system is ready to go as the cold weather settles in.

What To Expect From Your Furnace Tune-Up

During your furnace maintenance service, an expert will perform a wide array of checks on your system. This will allow each component to be examined or tested, and it will also give your furnace technician the chance to raise a flag on any problems.

Electrical Examinations

When it comes to the electrical components within your system, you’ll want to leave the maintenance efforts to the professionals! Our team can handle wiring safely, allowing us to make sure everything is connected as it should be.

Component Cleanings

When dust, dirt or debris coats your system, its efficiency will suffer. That’s why cleaning is an important step in our HVAC maintenance process. At G & R Heating and Air, we’ll ensure your air filters and blower motor are clean. We’re also able to check your outdoor system for any debris — such as leaves or twigs — that might have gotten caught in your unit.

Internal Inspections

You may be able to identify cracks or misalignments that occur on the outside of the system. For the interior of your heater though, this task is trickier. At G & R Heating and Air, we have a thorough understanding of heating systems. We’ll be able to identify any areas of damage that threaten efficiency. From there, we can guide you to a successful solution!

worker repairing AC unit

DIY Maintenance Tips

Electrical components and intricate system parts should always be handled by an expert. However, there are habits you can build to help maintain your heater:

  • Clean out filters at least every 90 days, or as needed.
  • Regularly inspect your system for signs of damage.
  • Keep debris away from your system.
  • Vacuum or dust dirt away from system parts.

While these maintenance steps can help maintain the efficiency of your unit, they’re there to be a supplement — not a replacement. Homeowners should schedule their annual furnace tune-up yearly to ensure their system is in working order.

Additionally, if you have any hesitations about performing troubleshooting steps yourself, don’t risk making any problems worse. You can trust G & R Heating and Air for helpful heater maintenance.

Keep Your System Running Smoothly With Professional Furnace Maintenance

Investing in your heater is really an investment in your family’s comfort. Don’t be caught off guard when the brutal cold comes knocking on your door — fight back with a reliable furnace! Just schedule your annual HVAC service to ensure system efficiency.

At G & R Heating and Air, we’re here to serve Chicagoland homeowners and their furnace needs. Reach out to our team today to schedule your appointment!

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Our service tech Adam was outstanding. He found the problem before the CO2 detectors did. Gave estimates to repair or replace the old furnace at competitive prices. We've used this company for a few years now and plan to stay with them in the future.

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G&R was great. Walked me through the entire process, explaining all the details, measurements, results, etc. for the two furnaces I have. Answered all my questions and was quick and efficient. Great experience.

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Very pleased with G & R Heating and Air! I emailed them late Saturday evening and they immediately called and made an appt for Sunday at 8 am. Jeremy is very nice and also knowledgeable and thorough! I Will definitely recommend them to everyone!!

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