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Heater Installation

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Heater Replacement In Gilberts, IL

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When winter winds and icy air leave the Gilberts community shivering, your home heating system is the first line of defense. Designed to shelter you from the cold weather, your heating system should be trusted to work reliably, season after season.

Unfortunately, our team at G & R Heating and Air knows that a season will come when your heater no longer functions with the same efficiency and reliability you’ve come to depend on. When this happens, we’re here to jump into action!

We proudly provide our community with heater installations and replacements. We’re ready to restore comfort to your home — learn more about what our G & R Heating and Air team can do for you!

furnace being installed at a Gilberts' home attic

How To Know When Heater Replacement Is Needed

Heater replacement is a dreaded chore that looms over many homeowners as an inevitable yet unwelcome inconvenience. Heater replacement doesn’t have to carry such a negative connotation though! Instead, think of it as an opportunity to empower homeowners and improve efficiency.

After all, as time passes, your heater’s health will decline. This natural wear and tear occurs with age, and eventually, it’s time for your heater to call it quits. Gas furnaces will last close to 15-20 years while electric heaters average 20-30 years of age.

If your heater is nearing these ages or facing a neverending need for furnace repairs, these are signs that your heater will soon require a replacement. By getting ahead of the issue, you can be prepared with plans for a newer, more efficient heating system.

Factors To Consider For The Perfect Heater

At G & R Heating and Air, we try to make the installation process as simple as possible.

It’s not as simple as picking any system — you’ll want to consider several factors. Below, we’ve broken down important things to consider for your home’s heating:

  • SEER2 or efficiency ratings
  • Home heating demands
  • Size of the system
  • Fuel preferences

Each of these factors plays a role in determining the efficiency and effectiveness of your system. If you have any questions about how to find the best system for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! We’re here to provide expert guidance and professional advice.

Different Kinds Of Heaters We Install

If you’re looking for a more common heating option, G & R Heating and Air proudly installs both electric heaters and gas furnaces. However, if you’re looking for a system that does it all, consider investing in a heat pump! These systems are designed with both heating and cooling functions, making comfort achievable no matter the season!

Our team also offers boilers for your home heating efforts. Boilers can be powered by a variety of different fuel types, but they differ from their counterparts as they use water during the heating process. As water is heated, steam is produced. This is then used to warm your home as it passes through a radiator.

Before scheduling your installation service, it’s important to know what style of heater you want to invest in. If you have any questions about the specific system types, reach out to our team for answers!

How To Prepare For Your Furnace Installation

There are steps you can take at home to help make the installation and replacement process go smoothly! Use the following tips from our team to prepare for your service.

Select Your System Type

Selecting the perfect system for your home requires some research. Take the time to investigate your options and discover what the most advantageous system would be for you. Take into account your personal preferences as well as the efficiency requirements. If you need expert advice, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Schedule Your Service With G & R Heating And Air

Once you know what you’re looking for, you’re ready to schedule professional service. Our team serves our community with pride, and we’re happy to lend a hand and restore efficient heating. We believe in the importance of reliable comfort, which is why you can count on us for reliable service.

Clear Space Around The Area

Heating systems consist of large pieces of machinery. Removing the old units and adding the new ones will require adequate space for an efficient process. Tidy any clutter and make sure there’s a clear path to your system.

Be Prepared With Any Questions

Our team is here for you! We want to make sure you feel confident in the service you receive, which is why you can trust us to provide open, honest and transparent communication. Brainstorm some questions you might have about your system. Our team at G & R Heating and Air is here to provide clear answers and peace of mind.

Give Our Gilberts Furnace Installers A Call

When it comes to installing a furnace, the team at G & R Heating and Air is here to make the process as easy as possible! With experience serving our community, on top of a wide array of industry knowledge, trust us to provide the high-quality service you’re looking for.

Set your comfort up for success, and reach out to our team to schedule your service.

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Rich Hockenberry

Our service tech Adam was outstanding. He found the problem before the CO2 detectors did. Gave estimates to repair or replace the old furnace at competitive prices. We've used this company for a few years now and plan to stay with them in the future.

John Germain

G&R was great. Walked me through the entire process, explaining all the details, measurements, results, etc. for the two furnaces I have. Answered all my questions and was quick and efficient. Great experience.

Sharron Ferrell

Very pleased with G & R Heating and Air! I emailed them late Saturday evening and they immediately called and made an appt for Sunday at 8 am. Jeremy is very nice and also knowledgeable and thorough! I Will definitely recommend them to everyone!!

Lynda Chapin

I called Tuesday afternoon and the were there Wednesday am. Tech was friendly and quite experienced. He quickly diagnosed the problem, got the part, from his truck, and fixed it all within a 1/2 hour. Reasonably priced.
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