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HVAC Membership Program

Welcome to the G & R Heating and Air Membership Program — your exclusive gateway to a world of comfort and priority service. As a member, you’ll enjoy special perks and benefits designed to elevate your HVAC experience.

From priority scheduling to exclusive promotions, our membership is a commitment to ensuring your home remains a haven of comfort. Join us today and become a valued part of the G & R family, where your satisfaction is our top priority.

What Does Our Maintenance Plan Include?

Our maintenance plan is a one-time $190 payment and covers your furnace and air conditioning units for one year over two clean & check visits.

  • Includes the G & R No Breakdown Guarantee* while each system is in service and covered by the agreement.
  • PLUS 20% off parts while the agreement is active
  • PLUS Priority Service
  • PLUS Loyalty Points that accrue towards discounts on a complete system upgrade – up to $2,000 over 10 years!

If you own more than one HVAC unit that needs to be serviced, you’ll receive a $20 discount on your package for each additional unit.

Why Are HVAC Tune-Ups Important?

Regular HVAC tune-ups are a cornerstone of efficient and reliable home comfort. Here’s why they matter:

  • Optimal performance — Scheduled tune-ups ensure that your heating and cooling systems operate at peak performance, maximizing efficiency and minimizing energy consumption.
  • Preventive maintenance — Proactive care helps identify potential issues before they become major problems, preventing costly breakdowns and extending the lifespan of your HVAC equipment.
  • Energy efficiency — Well-maintained systems use energy more efficiently, translating to lower utility bills and reduced environmental impact.
  • Improved indoor air quality — Regular servicing includes cleaning and inspecting components, promoting healthier indoor air quality by reducing dust, allergens and pollutants.
  • Warranty compliance — Keeping up with tune-ups often fulfills manufacturer warranty requirements, ensuring that your investment remains protected.

System maintenance is an important part of staying comfortable in your home year-round. With your membership, you can relax knowing our technicians are taking care of your AC and heater season after season.

Become A Member Today!

Invest in the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC systems when you become a G & R member. Experience the difference of a well-maintained home comfort system and gain peace of mind with services from G & R Heating and Air.

Rich Hockenberry

Our service tech Adam was outstanding. He found the problem before the CO2 detectors did. Gave estimates to repair or replace the old furnace at competitive prices. We've used this company for a few years now and plan to stay with them in the future.

John Germain

G&R was great. Walked me through the entire process, explaining all the details, measurements, results, etc. for the two furnaces I have. Answered all my questions and was quick and efficient. Great experience.

Sharron Ferrell

Very pleased with G & R Heating and Air! I emailed them late Saturday evening and they immediately called and made an appt for Sunday at 8 am. Jeremy is very nice and also knowledgeable and thorough! I Will definitely recommend them to everyone!!

Lynda Chapin

I called Tuesday afternoon and the were there Wednesday am. Tech was friendly and quite experienced. He quickly diagnosed the problem, got the part, from his truck, and fixed it all within a 1/2 hour. Reasonably priced.
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